Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Day by Day Journey

Life is an everyday journey. Routinary it may be, most of the time, you run through a repetitive series of your life, just like my everyday journey as a typical employee--- I wake up.. pray.. eat.. go on a normal commute in going to the office ( ride on the LRT, walk the Gateway Mall to MRT, Fort Bus).. work/analyze/deal with numbers/meetings/trainings/chat with officemates..  attend a Lingkod activity after office twice a week (I am a part of a catholic community for young professionals called Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon).. go home if there is none..  sleep, rest and thank God. Then another day again,  and so forth. Repetitive in a general sense, but I think one’s daily life’s happening is still different from the other. Each and every day of our lives comes with different people, events, circumstances, problems and lessons that we encounter.  And many times, we go exploring and travelling especially on weekends and holidays-- getting ourselves into a lot of events and destinations. These are what we all want, right? A break from the routines like vacations, trips, activities for a cause like outreach, fun run, etc..

I am fan of writing down everything I encounter and observe. That’s why I’m writing down my journey.
I want to express. I want to dream. I want to explore. I want to tell stories. I want to discover more and tell about it.

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  1. Buddddddddyy, Congrats on your 1st web blog. galing galing.


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