Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Love Nature. I Love Mountains.

I grew up in a far away province, a remote town in Quezon province, where mountains, hills, rivers, brooks and seas are so common to me. I could freely see them during my childhood days. Even before, I was so attached to the nature.

 I would enjoy hiking activities in our school especially during scouting days. How I remember one of our activities where we happened to miss the signs and went the wrong way in the mountain. I was one of the staff then. We could hardly find a way back to the camp site and we knew, during that time, that our teacher was surely worried. We were lost for about 3 or 4 hours, but all I knew was that, even around  20 other Girl Scouts were depending on us,, we carried on through the trail. I took it as an adventure, really it was. We knew we would find the highway. We passed by two beautiful falls/streams and although we were a little afraid, we just focused and listened to each other so that no one would get lost as we find the way back.  We continued and helped each other. There! we managed to arrive at our campsite. Whew, how can I forget such scary/innocent experience!

 Hmmm, I would also join falls adventures during school break with my friends. It was fun getaways then.
How I remember my best friend’s house then which is at the top of a hill. I enjoyed going and climbing there whenever I visit them or whenever we agree to go to school together. From their house, one could view the Tayabas Bay and the  Marinduque island. I never knew that the mountain I was looking at, then, was Mt. Malindig which I am planning to climb next year.

Now that I am based in Manila where I currently work and practice my profession, I can still recall the moment in the front window of our home where I was viewing mountains. I remember how I was looking at them from afar during my grade school, without any idea then, that time will come and I would be able to experience great mountaineering adventures, apart from being an accountant dealing with numbers and analysis throughout the week. Great to know, I am also able to be enclosed by nature everytime I go climbing.

   At parrot's beak, Pico de Loro, June 2011

To date, I have conquered myself in 21 summits since November 2010.. all of these was part of the 25 climbing events that I joined, including my solo dayhike in Rockies; a tree planting in Mt. Sembrano; super major climbs such as Mt. Pulag via Ambaguio-Akiki and Luzon 3-2-1; and revisits of Pico De loro, Mt. Talamitam, Mt. Batulao and Mt. Maculot --- each of them has different stories, different discoveries, experiences, lessons and realizations. I have discovered a passion. I would love to explore more about outdoor activities. I would pursue more on loving and appreciating the environment

Let me freely share with you through this blog as I diarize my climbing adventures. I really love telling stories and making write-ups about everything I reach, observe and experience. Life is a voyage. An opportunity to journey. One’s feet can be elevated and taken to the top where he/she can see more of God’s wonderful creation… only if  he/she never stops exploring.. . only if he/she conquers his/her very self… he/she can reach it! Anyone with faith and courage can do it! 

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