Saturday, December 3, 2011

Double Adventure: Mt. Talamitam Dayhike + Ambon-Ambon Falls

Mt. Talamitam (January 9, 2011)
Location: Nasugbu, Batangas
Jump-off Point: Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu
630 Meters Above Sea Level
Difficulty: Minor Climb, 3/9

I promised myself to have only one climb every month and for the month of January, my mind was only set for Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg .  Aside from the fact that I was busy at work and we were really rendering a lot of overtime work during those days, I thought one climb a month is enough and reasonable. But it was a fine, free Saturday then, January 9, 2011. I think, it was last minute when I made up my mind and decided to join a Busog Mountaineers climb for the third time. This was my first time to do a dayhike and my very first climb for this year, 2011. I was so excited for this dayhike---excited to do a climb with new BUSOG Friends. There were only a few of us who joined, I think, we were only twelve.. Unusual as compared with the first two climbs with them. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the trek. I remember the “pa- simple” yet super funny jokes of Ian, a.k.a vinci astig madrigal.. I always buy on his jokes. Hehehe.. thanks for the laughter you brought us during the trek.

We stopped by a bunch of bamboo trees which gave a good shed for us, it’s also near a little nipa hut.. There, we had our lunch and some chitchats.  Afterwards, we’re ready for summit.  It was an open trail, more of grassland. We scaled through a trail that is more of assault type as compared to the other side where we descended. It was so tiring and I almost lost my breath on the 15-minute continuous ascent, just imagine that we did it under the extreme heat of the sun. That was around 1pm. Sunburn!!!!.. During the ascent, I just controlled myself and endured the heat and tiredness. I almost fainted upon reaching the summit, I swear! Or maybe because I was so full since we just had our lunch then. Thank God that I was able to manage. I enjoyed the views at the summit. From there, we could see the peaks of Mt. Batulao which is also situated in Nasugbu. What I love about Mt. Talamitam is that it’s like a Farmville.. a “true to life” Farmville hehe.. the mountain, since open and uncovered with trees, is almost comprised of plantations. 

This mountain is perfect for a dayhike. Actually, most climbers do a Batulao-Talamitam combo climb as these mountains are like neighbors in Nasugbu.

Our itinerary included an add-on—it had an Ambon-Ambon Falls sidetrip. This time, we were guided and led by David Vida, one of our companions who told us that he knows how to get there. Led by David, we went to Tagaytay City, that was past lunch at around 2:30pm. T’was like we went far away down from the city and it felt like we would never have a finish destination, I thought it would only take a few minutes or an hour, the most. But the sun has down and we haven’t reached the falls. We even joked that, this made this event a major climb. What made it difficult was the way going down to the falls. We even used a rope as it was so slippery and it seemed like there were no trails given that such areas were really steep. We had a very few picture-takings at the falls as it was already dark.  

The trek going to the house (friend of David) was more challenging as it was already night. We agreed to just ride a jeep and not take the trail we took on our way down to the falls.. Unfortunately, no jeep was available as it was already late evening. We had no choice but to do a night trek back to the city proper of Tagaytay City. Thank God for the safe hike. 

As mentioned in my previous blog, Batulao or Talamitam climb would never be complete without a Bulalo treat, so we had our dinner at our favorite Bulalo destination-- Mahogany in Tagaytay City. For the second time, I just enjoyed the yummy Tawilis. After the fun dinner, we headed back to Manila and arrived at around 1 am.. 

Thankful that I still got the strength. This event was a Saturday, and the next day was a Bull Run event which I was invited to join at (10K category). It just happened that a friend who invited me on this didn't show up and had fallen asleep so deep. He must be too tired of the double adventure that we had.


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