Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Top 5 Best CLimbs for 2012

I am just thankful..

for the wonderful hiking destinations I've been to..

for having the strength, provisions and perfect time to visit beautiful mountains in the Philippines..

for surviving the rainy treks and for enjoying those blessed sunny day of hiking..

for the quick views of soaring birds, flora and fauna and other wild creations..

for the safe, purposeful and fruitful trek..

to those who became my friends and companions in the heights.. Thank you!

Among the 17 climb events that I joined with for 2012, here are those that I love the most and which I find memorable:

1. THE HOLY MOUNTAIN - January 2012
2. MT. SICAPOO (Ilocos Norte)- February 2012
3. MT. APO (Davao) - August 2012
5. MT. GUITING - GUITING (Romblon) -November 2012

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