Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Trekking

The sound of steps prevails over this silent forest.
I can hear various kinds of birds singing.
‘Sounds like mellow music to the ear, very soothing.
This is one of the rare, tranquil moments I like the best.
In the middle of this dense forest, I find consolation.
A joy that comes from the touch of sunlight entering through the woods.
‘Seems like the trail is unending yet I continue to walk and speed up as much as I could
I would catch my breath, pause for a while, feel my heart beating..
I’m perspiring. But I do not mind, this is when I find comfort and satisfaction.

And oh, the rain! It comes with a cooling wind,
I embrace myself but would keep on stepping..
It’s inevitable, it’s actually irritating for the discomfort it brings..
In an unexplainable instance, I do appreciate the pouring.

How many hours will I still ascend?
How many energy will I still consume?
Thanks for the companions,
The bliss, the laughter, the spirit of friendship,
The extension of helping hands..
It all compensates. Rain or shine, you are all together in this voyage.

Bearing in mind the promise of splendor and majesty,
I would never give up in this kind of journey
of the very minimal people who choose to do it.
Having the prepared physical body and soul along brave spirit,
You may never make others understand the reasons behind.
But you know for yourself the deepest pleasure in trekking.

*inspired by Mt. Kanlaon Traverse (August 2013) . Complete story to be posted soon.

Photo credits: Qitter Vhostek

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