Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sunset Stories

It’s almost dusk and darkness is about to cover the surroundings. Yet, before it completely shuts the daylight down, a pink, yellow-orange sky is painted in the sky.

Oh I guess, I am really a sentimental person. Because if not, I would not be able to write something like this. I would not even waste my time and make a post just to detail what the heck is sunset for me. But tell me, isn’t it that you are also one of those people who can’t help but marvel over a perfect sunset moment? Witnessing a very dramatic sunset could be overwhelming and the joy it brings is unexplainable that it just makes one’s heart leap for joy.

One of my favorite shots when I climb mountain is the sunset. Being atop the mountain while seeing for myself the conquering darkness and perfect sunset battle at twilight is one of the most favored moments of my life. When you are granted with a good view of sunset, very often that it means you are also given a  favorable weather for your climb. By the way, I put more weight and preference on sunset over sunrise. Sunset is always beautiful but I think you will also agree with me that even so, sunset is better appreciated and viewed from the seashore, from the mountains or from anywhere purely nature than when you spot it from the city. I've been to different mountains and I was able to collect sunset experiences that I would like to have some flashback. I may not have the most beautiful captured sunsets but let me share them with you anyway (it was actually a compilation as the photos below were already posted and included per mountain/climb story of this blog). Well, still, they are somehow worth remembering.

  • Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia  (November 2013)

Viewing this impressive sundown made me left for a while my buffet dinner at Laban Rata Lodge because all I wanted to do was to wonder at what I see amidst very, very cold weather outside and never miss out any amazing moment. Such a romantic scene that I called Buddy to watch it with me.

  • Mt. Guiting-Guiting, Romblon (November 2012)

 I have forgotten my tiredness brought about by trekking since 3:30AM on that day because I got to witness this simple treat from the sky --- a beautiful sunset.

  • Mt. Batulao, Batangas (January 2014)

Before nightfall sweeps off the view of the fabulous mountain range of Mt. Batulao, here's what we got -- an equally fabulous sun coming down from above!

  • Mt. Simagaysay, Ilocos Norte (February 2012)

In completing the Mt. Sicapoo traverse in Ilocos back in 2012, what could be more motivating being in the third day of the trek with an average of 8-10 hours walk per day than having a plenty of water and by being rewarded by this perfect sunset from the 360-degree view trails of Mt. Simagaysay.

  • Maranat Falls, Bulacan (June 2014)

Who could have thought that just a few minutes away from the metro lies a very serene and pleasant hiking destination where sunset also appears to be so stunning. It was overwhelming while taking a snapshot of it from the campsite.

  • Balin-balin Village, Mt. Mantalingajan, Palawan (May 2014)

The peaceful living at Balin-balin is also mixed with peaceful twilight like this brought by the sweet setting of the sun from behind.

  • An Ascent from Kabugan Campsite, Mt. Mantalingajan Traverse, Palawan (May 2014)

The whole day might be a non-stop rainy trek for us but the heavens promised a beautiful ending for our Day 1 trek to Mantalingajan -- a pinkish sunset.
  • Paray-Paray Campsite, Mt. Mantalingajan Traverse, Palawan (May 2014)

I was hoping for another pinkish sunset in our Day 2 trek in Mt. Mantalingajan. But I felt happier at what we saw. It was a glancing and hiding sun over a cloudy side of Ransang, Palawan. This was viewed from the water source (small creek) that can be found just a few minutes away from Paray-paray campsite.

  • Mt. Tagpew, Kibungan Circuit, Benguet (February 2014)

Oooops, when I say sunset photo I mean not the literal, complete view of the sundown. It could also mean a hidden sunset. I called it a "lingering sunset." It was such a fantastic reflection of the red-orange light of the sun but we could not view it because the campsite in this side of Benguet is covered by  trees. 

  • Pico De Loro, Batangas/Cavite (June 2011)

It was almost dusk but still there was a trace of sunset at these crocodile-like islets viewed from the summit of Pico de Loro.

For me, sunset is such a sweet finale.  The sun seems to bid goodbye telling me that, “hey, it might be a long, tiring day, but watch me as I spread the last strike of my light, it’s still a wonderful day anyway!” Sunset conveys a message that another page is added to my life and is brought now to memory. It seems to give a retro feeling that you may want to reflect and recall all the happenings on that particular day. Sunset makes a promise that he would hide for a while but he will definitely shine the next day. It tells that life is fantastic... that there is always something to celebrate. It portrays hope and gratefulness.

I thank God for the sunset. It is the expression of His wondrous deeds.

I'm pretty sure your captured sunset photos are far better than these. And you will always recall those moments when you got to witness it for yourself. Now, what are your sunset stories?

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