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HONG KONG - MACAU TRIP (November 23-25, 2012)

It's was my first out of the country travel and for a change, this was a non-hiking trip :)
My travel companion, as usual, was of course my climb buddy, Dennis Hisanan.

I was just happy having this tour. A birthday trip!!! so it was like a 3-day celebration.

Day 1 

- We already had bloopers on our first day as we were almost one-hour wandering at Tsim Sha Tsui finding difficulty in locating our hotel. The address given to us by the online booking did not mention the exact name of the building. We were challenged, hehe! 

- Of course, Disneyland was one of the highlights of our stay in Hongkong. I enjoyed it, my favourites are The Golden Mickeys show and It's Small World palace. It felt like there was an awakened child in me. This might be embarrassing-- but I was too emotional to be overwhelmed and almost cried upon watching the fireworks finale. Maybe, I was just amazed but I just can't believe that the once deprived child like me was able to have this wonderful experience. I was so grateful.


meet-up with Mickey ('realized I was super tan (just had a Benguet climb a week  ago)

The Golden Mickeys

a part of "It's a Small World Palace"

- Ladies' Night Market after our dinner in a nearby small side street restaurant (A dinner which we just pointed out a picture of the food not knowing what exactly it is because of pure Chinese characters and we even found it hard to speak with the waiter, hehe). We witnessed the very lively streets of Hong kong.

the lively and busy streets at Ladies' Night Market

Day 2

- Another new good place for us. We hopped to another land called Macau via  ferry (Turboship). New stamps for our newbie passports, hehe :).

- The whole day was spent in a hotel and casino hopping giving us a glimpse of Europe in The Venetian; viewing Macau Tower, visiting St. Paul's Ruins; taking advantage of the free taste in Koi Key Bakery, hehe; food trip and; watching a lot of extravagant musical lights and fountain shows.

Let's go!

Peacock at Macau Galaxy

at the Venetian

exiting The Venetian

St. Paul's Ruins

Food Trip!

Grand Lisboa

on our way to Wynn Hotel

emoteros-emoteras ^_^ - at The Fisherman's Wharf

No Climbing!! :)) -at the Fisherman's Wharf

Day 3

- Back in Hongkong! It was a very rainy Sunday but still we went to Ngong Ping to experience the cable car and explore the Lantau Island.

Giant Buddha

at Lantau Island

Buddhist Temple in Lantau Island

- Foggy visit at The Peak :) We experienced riding the Tram.

Peak Tram

The Peak

I was so grateful for this chance of visiting another country. Going to beautiful and fun-filled places, the laughters and the challenge of being first-timers in a new place are such wonderful experiences.

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